5 great reasons to come to a women’s running camp

Have you ever thought about coming to a women’s running camp? Did you wonder how hard it might be, and doubting if it could be right for you? Think about how often you listen to self sabotaging negative thoughts, and then what believing in yourself and taking a plunge has also done for you. Coming to a camp is a big investment for you, and it makes sense to pick a camp that will best suit your personal goals. To help you along, here are 5 great reasons to come to an adult women’s running camp with Active at Altitude:


Reason 1 – Video analysis of running form

Have you ever seen yourself run before? Most people haven’t, and by the way, you likely look a lot better in the video than you think you might do – the good news is that we take video of you twice, once at the start of camp, and then the second at the end of camp. After analyzing the first video, we give you feedback on those potential factors that will help you become more efficient as a runner, work on those factors during the camp, and then you get to see how much progress you have made when we check out take two. Prepare to be amazed!

Reason 2 – Learn about sustainable training
During the camp you will learn about how to train smart, so you get the most benefit from your training, and keep it at a level that challenges you while not dealing with recurrent injuries and high levels of stress. We follow the guiding principles of the greatest ever running coach, Arthur Lydiard, and are Certified Lydiard running coaches. We also run the walk, so to speak, following these same principles for our own training.

Reason 3 – Meet new friends & have fun
Our camps are incredible opportunities to meet and connect with women who are in a very similar place to you. We have groups of women that have met for the first time at one of our camps, and still meet up at races once a year several years after camp. The environment that we provide is warm, inviting, caring, and supportive, friendships blossom – you will love it. It’s also not all about just running, we make sure that each day includes some fun elements, so you exercise your abdominal muscles through laughing as well as running.
Reason 4 – Become empowered
One of the great things about running is that it teaches us to push beyond what we thought we were capable of. Do this consistently, and this helps to build confidence. This new found confidence has helped the women that have attended our women’s camps seek new roles in their lives, find the type of relationship they have longed for, and achieve new levels of self belief. This can be life changing, literally. Check out why Shape magazine called our camps a once in a lifetime fitness retreat for women.


Reason 5 – A positive mindset
Research has shown that pessimism is the top ranked runners’ mental roadblock. Negativity, whether it’s worry or doubt, often leads to self-defeating behaviors including slowing down, cutting a workout short, or dropping out of a race. A positive mindset is a factor that forms a central foundation for all our camps, with daily meditations and extensive use of positive imagery.


You can see more about our 2019 women’s running camps at this link.

2019 Women’s running camps – Active at Altitude – Estes Park Colorado from Terry Chiplin on Vimeo.

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