activacuity-logo-final-vertical-with-tagactivacuity® – The first guided imagery app for athletes

Harness the positive power of your mind!

activacuity® provides all the tools you need for a positive training program for your mind.
This ground breaking app empowers your focus, confidence, spirit, athletic experience & performance, allowing your dreams to become reality, and creating new positive neural pathways that leaves self destructive thinking behind.

Meet activacuity® – your personal sports psychologist and positive athlete support system in an app

Daily guided imagery sessions contained in activacuity provide a mechanism to train the mind, empowering your dreams to become reality, developing new neural pathways with a positive focus, resulting in enhanced focus, confidence, experience and performance for all athletes. Use activacuity on a daily basis, and you create a positive support system for your physical training and performances.User friendly positive guided imagery audio sessions available for iOS devices – guided imagery is is a gentle yet powerful technique that focuses and directs the imagination. Each positive guided imagery session is 10-15 minutes in length and is best listened to before a training session or race.

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