Coaching is all about the journey. With a coach to encourage, mentor and guide us, we can be so much more than we can be alone. As your coach, I will assess your strengths and weaknesses. A good coach will focus on those areas you are weakest. As individuals, we tend to focus on our strengths. The largest gains can often be found by instead working on those areas where we are weakest.  Active at Altitude provides coaching for clients over two distinct paths:

Endurance Coaching

lydiard-badge-level-21As your endurance coach I will help you to focus on the positive aspects of your running and fitness. I believe that it is possible to work hard, make progress and also have fun on the way! I have helped ‘000s of athletes achieve or surpass their endurance goals for more than 20 years. I am a certified Level II Lydiard Running Coach – Arthur Lydiard was the most successful running coach in history, and his principles live on through the Lydiard Foundation.

Lydiard training is based on these five core principles:

  1. Maximize aerobic capacity first
  2. Tune in to your inner coach
  3. Balancing workouts
  4. Sequential development of energy systems
  5. Correct timing

I work with individual athletes to help them achieve their goals – many athletes have set PR’s and / or BQ times – one of the factors I love best about Lydiard training is that it encourages healthy training. Rather than being constantly on a knife edge of sickness and injury, it enables athletes to be consistent, and follow sustainable training principles.

vrlogo1I am also the Official Training Partner for Vacation Races, a series of half marathons based at National Parks around the US – in 2017 they have 11 races in the series. Read more about this exciting race series here.

I have also been a coach for Revolution Running in Boulder, Colorado, one of the most highly rated training clubs in this highly competitive area!

If you are interested in exploring endurance coaching, use the contact form at the base of this page to send an inquiry. We will respond to you usually the next business day.

Positive Running Coaching

activacuity-logo-final-vertical-with-tagIn 2016 we launched the first guided imagery app for athletes, activacuity®.

An integral component of activacuity® became the POSITIVE RUNNING MOVEMENT™, offering personalized coaching for athletes of all abilities. Maybe you have explored the activacuity® app, and would like to work on personal challenges directly with the benefit of a certified positive running coach?  Check out the options available to you below – note that resources are limited, so make sure to contact us to check on coaching availability.

The following options are available for personalized positive coaching:

  • Schedule a one-on-one session with a positive running coach – sessions are usually one hour in duration, and can be arranged by phone, skype, or in person
  • Personalized guided imagery session – created for you by a positive running coach, using content derived from an initial consultation – delivered as an mp3 audio file that you can play on any device you wish

If you are looking for personalized positive coaching using any, or all, of the options above, feel free to use the contact form below. Complete your details, give us an idea of your goals, and we will respond to you, usually by the next business day. We look forward to hearing from you!

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