Women's intermediate running camp
This camps is for you if you can run a 10K distance at 10-12 min/mile pace or faster at your home elevation
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Coed trail running camp
Learn about trail running through expert education and interactive runs in majestic Estes Park
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We were honored to be featured by Runner’s World in January 2020 as one of six bucket list running retreats for adults.
Check out the Runner’s World feature here.

What people are saying...

“This camp has been a fun-with-a-purpose experience. It has challenged me physically & mentally and peeled back some layers to get me in touch with my deeper self. It is the whole experience – physical, mental, emotional, social. Thank you Terry & Jacqueline!”

South Bend, IN

“My week long participation in the Active Altitude intermediate womens’ running camp was one of the best events in my life where I felt affirmatively supported, improved my running form, ate like a queen to fuel properly, enjoyed leisurely time with the coaches and athletes, and I made life long friends with 7 other running goddesses.”

Santa Fe, NM

“I left camp with my heart nearly exploding with gratitude and love for all of the strong individuals I met. Not only have I expanded my support group, I came out of this experience with more confidence, education, and inspiration than I could have imagined. I can’t wait to come back to camp again!”

Kateel, OR