Trail running camps 2022

Learn about trail running through expert education and interactive runs with one of the top adult running camps in the US

We are excited to let you know that we have left the mountains of Colorado and are in transition in England while we create plans for a new concept for running vacations in Europe

We held the last of our coed trail running camps in the lands belonging to the Arapaho and Ute peoples in Colorado in May 2022.

Trail running is one of the fastest growing outdoor sports in the country, and we have had a blast sharing our passion for trail running. It has been an honor to introduce hundreds of new runners from around the World to trail running over our last sixteen years in Colorado. We have been honored to help runners find new levels of confidence and self belief, discover how to train smarter, to train sustainably with a longer term view, to create a positive mindset that empowers personal growth in both running and life, and in many cases to reconnect with that spark for running that they had lost.

We are eternally grateful to all those women and men that trusted us with investing their time and money, and gave us the opportunity to learn so much more than we had ever hoped for. It has been an incredible journey, and one which will live on forever in our hearts and minds.

We are currently living in Nailsworth, England, since early November 2022, and are in transition to our new home somewhere in Europe. Please check back here to keep updated with news on developments as we progress toward an exciting new concept for running vacations in Europe. You can also sign up for our newsletter at this link, and receive newsletters with all our developments as they happen.

We look forward to seeing you in Europe in the near future, and wish you happy running!

Check out these reviews from our 2021 camps – our survey responses for our camps illustrate how successful we have been:

Overall camp experience – 100% of campers have been very satisfied with their overall camp experience
Helping campers achieve their goals – 90% of campers report that their camp experience was excellent at helping them achieve their goals
A fun experience at camp – 100% of campers report that we were excellent at providing a fun experience at camp
Providing an informative & educational experience – 100% of campers report that we were excellent at providing an informative & educational experience at camp
Value for money – 100% of campers said their camp experience represented excellent value for money

Many runners come with an expectation that trail running will be too hard for them – the reality is that it is challenging; however the mental, and spiritual benefits far outweigh the physical challenges, and it takes us back to a natural environment where we can feel more at home. If you have never been to a Trail Running Camp before and don’t know what to expect, here is a great article written by Diana Norcross after her experience at a previous Spring camp!

Our camps were held in partnership with ATRA (American Trail Running Association) – the only non-profit corporation to serve the trail and mountain running community. Their mission is to represent and promote trail and mountain running. They offer individual, club, race and corporate memberships – each participant in these camps receives a one year membership of ATRA, including all member benefits, and an annual subscription to both Trail Runner Magazine, and Runners World. We encourage all Trail Runners to become ATRA members!

  • Attending camp was the best thing I have done for myself in a very long time. Not only did I gain confidence in running on the trails but also; friends, knowledge and inspiration. This is truly a camp like no other!

    Jamie DeTrinidad
  • Fall camp was outstanding! I loved everything about it! The location, hosts, food, trails, learning and of course Coco!It felt like being at a home away from home and I came away having built some lifelong friendships. You didnt tell us how to run, but built on our strengths as runners and introduced some very helpful ideas!! Thankyou!

    Jill Goldfinch - New Zealand
  • The camp provided a positive environment to allow one to overcome any fears about trail running. It eased the nerves when tackling “rocky downhills”.”

    Victoria - New York
  • The coaches and incredible people I met at camp from around the world got me back to a truly enjoyable place both mentally and physically while running. Such an encouraging and incredibly positive experience. Running is fun again!

    Jan, Plano, TX
  • I enjoy running but usually do it alone. the camp helped me to feel comfortable running in a group and definitely gave me a confidence boost which will help me moving forward. I liked the positive attitude of everyone involved in the camp and could easily have stayed for another week!

    Lee, London, UK

We are honored to have been featured by Runner’s World magazine as one of six bucket list running retreats for adults in the US in January 2020.
Read the Runner’s World feature here

We were also featured by CNN in 2015 as one of the top 11 adult running camps in the USA!
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We are thrilled to announce that our trail running camps are the first in the US to meet ATRA’s Trail Camp Standards.
You can see details of the 14 key areas that make up the Trail Camp Standards at this link.

We love Trail Running so much, we brought the first ever US Trail Running Conference to Estes Park in 2013 – the eleventh annual event takes place in Mukilteo, WA, October 18-20, 2023. The Conference features sessions for both Trail Race Directors and Trail Runners, with an expo, demo products, interactive workshops, speaker panels, elite athletes and more. We look forward to seeing you there!