5 great reasons to come to a women’s running camp

Have you ever thought about coming to a women’s running camp? Did you wonder how hard it might be, and doubting if it could be right for you? Think about how often you listen to self sabotaging negative thoughts, […]

5 reasons to come to our beginner women’s running camp

Women’s running continues to be the boom trend in the running world. A recent survey by Running USA noted that 63% of respondents were women, a statistic that echoes the typical proportion of women that now take part in races nationwide. […]

Running with Intention

“Every meaningful action, interaction and personal achievement starts with an intention.” Creating intentions in our lives leads to outcomes that align with our dreams and goals. Running works in just the same way, except we often forget the micro goals and baby steps that we can take on the way to our bigger goals! We[…]

Tips to increase your level of self-confidence

Confidence is one of the most important psychological predictors of athletic performance. There are many tools and techniques that we as athletes can use to build our self-confidence, that can have profound impacts on what we choose to accomplish, and our levels of performance. Terry Orlick, in his book, “Embracing Your Potential,” gives an excellent[…]