5 reasons to come to our beginner women’s running camp

Women’s running continues to be the boom trend in the running world. A recent survey by Running USA noted that 63% of respondents were women, a statistic that echoes the typical proportion of women that now take part in races nationwide.

IMG_1023The same survey also highlighted some telling trends that could go to explain why women’s running is so hot, and why men are getting left behind. Women tend to be more social runners, with 35% sharing that they run with at least one other person. Men see themselves as being more competitive, while women are more likely to classify themselves as a fun runner.

When it comes down to reasons why women run, a wide variety of reasons were given, from improving their state of mind, the opportunity to socialize, relieve stress, and achieve a goal. Women also use social media much more so than men for running related activities, with 70% of women posting pictures and videos. Women rated having fun, having time to train, benefiting a cause and medals as all being important factors for why they run and race.

Many more women would like to start running, and look at the posts and videos of women that have made that move, and wonder how they can get to that place. Active at Altitude has the answer, our beginner women’s running camp! This camp is dedicated to help women either return to running after a break, or introduce running to their lives. Here are five reasons why if you are a woman and you would like to start running, coming to our camp would be a great idea!

  1. Training plan before you come to camp
    Not running at all yet? No problem – we will provide a training plan for you that starts wherever you are now, and gets you running at least a 5K distance by the time camp kicks off on June 18. We will work out a plan based on your current status (and that may not be running one step), and available resources, and develop a plan that is personalized and realistic for you. The program is part of the camp cost too, so you don’t need to add an extra expense to your bottom line.
  2. Video analysis of running form
    Never seen yourself run before? Most people haven’t, and by the way, you likely look a better in the video than you think you might do – the good news is that we take video of you twice, once at the start of camp, and then the second at the end of camp. The great news is that as a result of analyzing the first video, we give you feedback that will help you become more efficient as a runner, work on those factors during the camp, and then you get to see how much progress you have made when we check out take two. Prepare to be amazed!
  3. Learn about sustainable training
    During the camp you will learn about how to train smart, so you get the most benefit from your training, and keep it at a level that challenges you while not dealing with recurrent injuries and high levels of stress. We follow the guiding principles of the greatest ever running coach, Arthur Lydiard, and are Certified Lydiard running coaches. We also run the walk, so to speak, following these same principles for our own training.
  4. Meet new friends & have fun
    Our camps are incredible opportunities to meet and connect with women who are in a very similar place to you. We have groups of women that have met for the first time at one of our camps, and still meet up at races once a year several years after camp. The environment that we provide is warm, inviting, caring, and supportive, friendships blossom – you will love it. It’s also not all about just running, we make sure that each day includes some fun elements, so you exercise your abdominal muscles through laughing as well as running.
  5. Become empowered
    One of the great things about running is that it teaches us to push beyond what we thought we were capable of. Do this consistently, and this helps to build confidence. This new found confidence has helped the women that have attended our camps seek new roles in their lives, find the type of relationship they have longed for, and achieve new levels of self belief. This can be life changing, literally. Check out why Shape magazine called our camps a once in a lifetime fitness retreat for women.

Once you arrive, we take care of everything for you. We transport you, coach you, feed you, video you, all in a comfortable location with accommodation options. All this takes place in beautiful Estes Park, Colorado, the basecamp for Rocky Mountain National Park. The air is clean clear, and you will enjoy running with a backdrop of majestic snow capped mountains – it will take your breath away, and inspire your soul. See more details on our 2020 women’s beginner camps at this link.
If you have any questions on this amazing camp, please contact us – we respond usually within one business day.

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    • Hi Guen, and thank you for your note.
      Yes, the June camp has places available. There are accommodation option choices for you.
      The $100 discount code offer has been extended to the end of March 2017 – use code 2017BEGINNER100 when you register to apply the discount.
      Let me know if you have any questions, here to help.
      Cheers, Terry

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