Active at Altitude 2014 Training Camp Schedule

IMG_0727A running camp – for many folks the reality is very different from the all run, tough, feeling sick, huge challenges that are beyond me, type of image that a running camp conjures up. In fact a running camp can be the ideal place to kick start your running, learn new skills, challenge yourself, become inspired, and meet new friends. You return from camp refreshed, invigorated, and ready to run faster and more efficiently than you ever have don before!

Active at Altitude has been a go to place for running camps since our first women’s trail weekend back in 2007. Each year the range and breadth of the camps has increased, and the 2014 camp schedule is no exception…the Active at Altitude camp schedule has just been announced, so here is a quick run down on the menu:

IMG_0690Each of the camps is based around comfortable accommodations, challenging trails with amazing scenic views, expert and informative coaching, nutritious and healthy food, cross training, relaxation time, video and review of running form, and most importantly, the camaraderie with your other runners!



New for 2014 for the 7 day or 10 day women’s running camps:

  • Completion medal for each camper – good quality commemorative medal to remind you of your favorite camp!
  • Visit to a sacred spiritual site in Estes Park – an ancient mountain that was a destination for vision quests for Native Americans from all over North America
  • An opportunity to volunteer for a running related non-profit that provides shoes and clothing for people in need all over the Globe

The 2014 May women’s running camp will be the first camp that we have held that combines a race within the camp – the BolderBoulder is one of the USA’s top 10K races, and attracts over 50,000 runners to the streets of Boulder. It is a magnificent celebration on Memorial Day, and an experience not to be missed! One of the focal points for the camp will be learning to pace effectively, along with focused mental preparation, to enable participants to enjoy their best race experience possible!

The camps are amazing possibilities for runners of ALL abilities…for a Level I camp (May, July & September) you should be able to run a 10K distance or longer at 10 min/mile pace or quicker (at your home elevation) – for a Level II camp (June) you should be able to run a half marathon distance or longer at 10 min/mile pace or quicker (at your home elevation).

IMG_0561The trail camps are focused on trail running techniques, and features top Trail Running experts, like Nancy Hobbs & Adam Chase – every participant receives a signed copy of the Ultimate Guide to Trail Running, as well as a year’s membership to ATRA (American Trail Running Association), that includes a year’s subscription to TrailRunner magazine, and Running Times.  These camps (May & September) are open to men and women who are interested in starting trail running, or maybe a more experienced trail runner that needs a fresh dose of inspiration – runners should be able to run for 10K distance or longer at 10 min/mile pace or quicker (at home elevation)

See our camps pages  for more details on our camps. The true test of any camp is to check what previous participants have said – we invite you to review our testimonials! We look forward to seeing you in 2014 – registration for these camps opens on November 1 2013!

If you have any questions on any of the camps, please contact us
Happy running!

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