Snowy birthday!

After the snows of the last few days, this morning dawned cloudy at first, then the glorious blue Colorado skies cleared and the sun came streaming back to warm our souls. After clearing the drive, I decided that the opportunity was too good to miss, and Jax and I went snowshoeing on the trail at the top of Pole Hill Road.   The trail is less than 1/2 mile a mile from our front door, so takes minutes to get there.  The 10 inches of fresh snow looked like icing over the rocks in places as we fitted our shoes into the snowshoes.  This trail doesn’t get used very much, which is a great thing in many ways as it is so peaceful.  There was no breeze, and the birds were singing happily and darting among the trees as we started the climb up to the first summit.

I love the workout that snowshoeing gives – just get into a groove and notice that difference in leg movements compared to running.  You can be very relaxed and still build up body heat quickly so that you’re glowing before long! Our lodge makes a perfect location for snowshoe lodging – we are minutes from this trail network and also 15 minutes drive from Rocky Mountain National Park. We would love to have you come and stay! On the Pole Hill trail you can escape to a different world in a short time, and allow yourself to connect with all that is beautiful around you.  My friend, Damon Leedale-Brown, the top world class squash coach,  called while we were on the first ascent – I know he and Deb and Oliver would have loved to be snowshoeing with us!

Here are some pics we took while out on the trails – enjoy!

Pole hil trail 1 Feb 22 2010
Jax looking warm Feb 22 2010
TC on top trail Feb 22 2010
Snow framed mountains Feb 22 2010
Snowy outline Feb 22 2010

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