Phil Zajicek and Chris Baldwin, pro cyclists, at Active at Altitude

Altitude training has long been a part of a pro cyclists training program – no wonder that so many cyclists and triathletes come to Boulder, renowned as an altitude training mecca.  I had been wondering for a while if the rarefied air and higher altitude here in Estes Park would make it an attractive place for pro cyclists as well as recreational bikers that come up here.  During the last few weeks I have had a number of questions answered.

I was thrilled to have an opportunity to help Phil Zajicek of Team Fly V Australia – he was looking for a place to stay and train at altitude in preparation for the Tour of the Gila in New Mexico. Phil was here in Estes Park for 2 weeks prior to the New Mexico race. He had a great result, finishing 3rd overall. Then Phil and a training partner, Chris Baldwin of United Healthcare Trust Pro Cycling Team had a 1 week block of training here before the Tour of California.  Phil came in 10th overall on the Tour of California, one of only 2 domestic riders not on the Pro Tour to finish in the top 10.  Chris did an excellent job of riding hard to help his team to be the top domestic team behind 3 of the top Pro Tour teams.

I interviewed Phil and Chris before they went to the Tour of California. One of the questions I asked was why choose to  come up to Estes Park when they are both living in Boulder – Phil responded that Estes Park and the surrounding rides around Estes offers “arguably the best cycling in the country”.  In particular, both riders commented on the relaxing atmosphere at Active at Altitude and how that allowed them to focus on their training, with good effect! Also check out this neat feature on

I was hugely impressed with the level of focus and commitment of these two riders during their training stint here at Active at Altitude. They worked incredibly hard and deserve everything they achieve with their racing.  We look forward to welcoming  them both back to Active at Altitude. You can see the YouTube interview with Phil and Chris below – hope you enjoy watching!

Phil Zajicek and Chris Baldwin Interview May 2010

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