trail running camps

Estes Park running camps deliver empowerment for women

"A once in a lifetime fitness retreat for women." Shape magazine, 2015 Women runners continue to lead the way in running in the United States. The 2017 Running USA report on road race trends shows that despite the total number of race finishers reducing, the proportion of female finishers is at 57%, a proportion that [...]
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2015 Training Camp Dates announced

Training camps – for many folks that conjures up an image of hard work, challenges that few can meet, feeling very tired, and needing an extended rest period! Well, that’s one kind of training camp….Active at Altitude has developed a reputation for providing camps that combine hard work with play; that leave you room to […]

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Top 5 reasons to come to a Trail Running Camp

Trail Running is in overdrive as more and more runners switch from roads to trails. While the total number of trail runners is more difficult to follow, what is clearer are the statistics for trail races in the USA. The growth rate is pretty staggering, with recent data from ATRA (American Trail Running Association) showing […]

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