Injury prevention

Staying warm in the Winter

The weather outside may be frightful, but that doesn’t mean you should not be running in it. As the winter running season rushes in, runners are always tortured with the question, is it time to get on the treadmill?

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Pool running – so many reasons why!

Pool running is a widely used technique, often for rehabilitation from injury. It doesn't require anything expensive in the way of equipment - most aquatic centers have aqaua jogger belts, so you don't even need to buy anything new. On with your swim cossie, fasten the belt on the aqua jogger flotation belt, and into [...]
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Listening to my body

I would like to think that time has increased my wisdom and understanding of how things work – not always the case though!  Just recently, I reminded myself of how far I have come in terms of listening to my body. In the last week I was aware of a general tightening of my left […]

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