Dane training camp 2013

Dane Rauschenberg Distance Training Camp 2013

Camp postponed for 2013 – please check back for future events, or e-mail your interest to us

A five day training camp with Dane Rauschenberg, extreme athlete, author and speaker. During the past six years, Dane has racked up an impressive number of incredible endurance feats. Amongst these are running 52 marathons in 52 consecutive weeks, and completing the 202 mile American Odyssey Relay solo in just over 50 hours. Just weeks before our camp last year, Dane ran the entire coast of Oregon (350 miles) in 7 days. His goal is to inspire people to give their all, regardless of what their “all” may be. When he talks about running, it is easy to get caught up in Dane’s enthusiasm for the sport and one can easily see how much he has learned through his adventures. Dane helps people realize that without effort nothing will happen and that with the right attitude, there are few things to stand in your way. Dane understands how difficult it can be to move ahead through adversity in life and in running. He uses his own failures and mistakes to show you how you can springboard beyond the ordinary and into extraordinary. Whether your goal is to improve as an athlete, do better at your job or excel in your personal life as a parent, sibling or friend, Dane will provide the inspiration to take those first steps and take matters into your own hands!

Active at Altitude is delighted to be partnering with Dane Rauschenberg on this second life-changing training camp in the majestic Rocky Mountains in Colorado! This camp is an incredible opportunity to learn and be inspired by Dane. He has become a master of pushing the boundaries of what is possible, not only in terms of his athletic achievements but also with his life. Dane is a highly sought-after motivational speaker for races, clubs, and corporations. His entertaining message is serious yet funny, honest, helpful, sincere, and will reach you no matter where you are in your running or your life.

This camp is a mix of focused training sessions and workshops designed to inform and inspire. We will help you create a personalized action plan to remove and replace old patterns of thoughts and behaviors that support a life of bold, brave, adventure.

Daily workshops will include the following:

  • How to train effectively for longer races and ultras
  • How to keep injury free
  • Nutrition and hydration
  • Mental focus
  • Goal setting / Action plans
  • The use of Visualization as a powerful tool to create effective change

Each person attending will leave with a personalized manual that contains an action plan on how to achieve at least one goal identified during the camp.  

The camp includes accommodation (2 athletes per room sharing in a double room – 4 in bunk room), all meals, water and juices, all sessions, group transport, journals, towels, bedding. Food will be primarily home cooked and those with special needs in their diets can be catered to. Camp starts at 4.00 PM the first day, and finishes at 12.00 PM on the last day.

Who is this for? This camp is an amazing opportunity for any athlete that is seeking a place to discover and explore what they are capable of – to push the boundaries of what it means to be an athlete and to envision what can be achieved once a decision is made to take that first step. Ideally you should already have completed at least a half marathon at 10 minute per mile pace. If you’re not sure of your current fitness status, but would like to attend one of the camps, please contact us.

Rates – the rate for the camp, for 5 days is as follows:

Double room $1400.00 – per person sharing – 8 places available
Bunk room $1250.00 – per person sharing – 4 places available
Single room places may be available – contact us for details

All rates are plus taxes for the full 5 days. Deposit is 50% of rate excluding taxes and is due at time of booking. Balance is due the 10th of the month preceding camp date. We can accept debit / credit cards, or checks. Ask about our referral commission – for each person you refer that books, you receive a discount off your rate!
See details of our cancellation policy here.
The camp is directed by Terry Chiplin, fitness and life coach, and owner of Active at Altitude. Terry has a wealth of experience working with athletes of all abilities, from Olympic marathoner to a runner completing their first 5K! Terry is also a coach for BOLDRUNNING based in Boulder. Terry is also, like Dane, living his dreams! See more about Terry here.