December 6, 2017

Mt. Rushmore half marathon

Mt.Rushmore Half Marathon  – September 22, 2018

Welcome to the page for training options for the 2018 Mt.Rushmore Half Marathon on September 22, 2018, from Vacation Races!
Active at Altitude is proud and honored to be the Official Training Partner for Vacation Races – we look forward to working with you and empowering your best race experience in South Dakota.

Mt.Rushmore Half Marathon – Free Training Programs

Our two levels of training programs are free to any Vacation Racers that register prior to the start of the programs. Each program is delivered in 4 week blocks via an e-newsletter from Active at Altitude. Our programs are based on proven science based components, and progress over the duration. More than 4,000 runners signed up for our programs in 2016!
Click on the request program link below, complete your details on the window that opens, click submit, and you are registered! If you start with one program, and find that you need to switch part way through, contact us with your details, and we can switch your program.

Beginner 16 week program

Starts June 4, 2018

Intermediate 12 week program

Starts July 2, 2018