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The POSITIVE RUNNING MOVEMENT™ is a worldwide community of runners and supporters focused on positive running. The POSITIVE RUNNING MOVEMENT™ delivers the following services for runners:

  • A free weekly newsletter that gives runners a regular dose of positive tips, techniques, as well as inspirational positive running stories – first newsletter starts May 3, 2016
  • Special offers for services and products that enable a positive focus for runners
  • Positive race workshops at selected races
  • Schedule personal sessions with POSITIVE RUNNING COACHES to learn to clear negativity and enhance your positive running
  • Share your POSITIVE RUNNING moments with us by tagging your photos with #positiverunningmovement
  • Share your POSITIVE RUNNING images on our Facebook page
  • Encourage your favorite races to become RACE SUPPORTERS of the POSITIVE RUNNING MOVEMENT

D70_7702(1)Each of our training camps will include positive running as a foundational element of the camp – we will focus on the core principles, and record positive moments and share to social media. Campers will also have the opportunity to create goals and action plans to enhance their positive running.

These are the core principles for positive running:

  • Positive self – take steps to amplify your natural positives and minimize negative self talk – our activacuity app gives you all the resources you need
  • Positive friends – create an intention to notice, embrace, and encourage the positives in your friends, team mates, and competitors – our activacuity app includes many sessions that cover this
  • Constructive evaluation – look for the positive aspects and target areas for improvement in yourself, your performance, your environment and your experiences
  • Positive health – eat and drink healthily, train your body with respect, get plenty of sleep, and adopt a zero tolerance for PED usage
  • Gratitude – be grateful for all that you have, and create opportunities to encourage other athletes to support positive perspectives
  • Sustainable environment – adopt a policy of zero waste, on trail or road. Consider supporting or volunteering for an outdoor ethics program like Leave No Trace, trail maintenance / rebuilding, and run or volunteer for races that have a sustainability policy
  • Sustainable community – support initiatives for young people that encourage positive running and a positive active lifestyle – for each activacuity annual subscription purchased, we will give an annual subscription to a high school athlete
  • Joy – remember your why, and decide to live a passionate, active life
  • Play – play is a natural way to explore your limits, try new things, and understand that curiosity is a great way to learn and set new challenges
  • Acceptance – accept that you cannot change where you are now – what you can change is your attitude and your intention to move forward with patience and respect

Estes Park, Colorado – the home of the POSITIVE RUNNING MOVEMENT