About us

About us

Active at Altitude is a sole proprietorship owned and managed by Terry Chiplin. Terry and wife Jacqui are both ex-pat Brits, and live in Estes Park year round. They both left comfortable and secure jobs in England, and moved to Colorado to pursue their dreams in early 2006. Within a short period of time the journey for Active at Altitude began, developing into one of the most renowned resources for endurance training camps, particularly trail running, in the USA for athletes of all abilities. Jacqui & Terry determine that if you are active, you are indeed an athlete.
We were delighted to have 2 athletes that have stayed with us in the Women’s Marathon in the Beijing 2008 Olympics, and 2 athletes that have either trained or coached with us in the 2012 World Mountain Running Championships! We have also had 25% of the 2014 Team USA Mountain Running Team with us, including the 2014 World Mountain Running Long Distance Challenge Champion, Sage Canaday..
Did we mention we LOVE running…..

Terry Chiplin – Owner & Camp Director

Terry describes himself when people ask as an athletic experience facilitator.

I have an extensive background stretching back nearly 20 years as a health and fitness consultant and personal trainer, and more than 15 years as a running coach. I have also been a runner and cyclist for 32 years and have encouraged and inspired many people I have been in contact with to become physically active. I have been fortunate to have worked with athletes of all levels, from Olympic competitor to rehabilitation patients. My studies and life experience has given me a unique ability to motivate and inspire athletes of all abilities – I truly believe in the unique incredible potential of each and every athlete that I work with and will be creative in assisting everyone achieve that potential.

We are a goal directed species – goals are vitally important to us, yet for many people goals remain as unanswered dreams. One of my key strengths is he ability to work with clients to help them achieve their goals. Mostly we create our own obstacles to stop those dreams becoming realized goals – I commit to working with you to identify and remove those personal obstacles.  Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you will be right!

In 1992 Terry left a comfortable full time role to go back to University and graduated three years later with a B.Sc. (Honours) Degree in Sports Studies & Leisure Studies from De Montfort University, Bedford, England. On the way he achieved a first class grade for his dissertation on motivation and physical activity in secondary schools in England. Terry also majored in Sports Physiology, reveling in learning and understanding how the human body reacts to training and nutritional stimulii. He also has an internationally recognized qualification in Sports Nutrition and has a Certificate and Diploma in Life Coaching from Newcastle College, England.

Terry has also been a coach for Revolution Running, the training club of the BOLDERBOULDER in Boulder, CO. Terry has headed up the trail running group, passing on his expertise to club members since June 2009. He has coached over 400 runners to achieve or surpass their pace goals in races from 5K to 50K distance. Terry is committed to encouraging athletes that work with him to discover the joy and spiritual inspiration of running trails in beautiful Colorado.

Jacqui Chiplin – Health, Wellness & Lifestyle Director

To begin with, I love to run, and always hope to. My running days began at High School in England. I was also a consistent participant in hockey and netball tournaments. I ran at County, (State level equivalent in USA), and was running a 7 minute mile pace over 10 miles at age 32 alongside a full life, raising two children.

As newly appointed Health, Wellness and Lifestyle Director for Active at Altitude, I would like to introduce to the camps what I believe are the quintessential focii for sustaining a healthy, active lifestyle and in doing so you experiencing the ‘best‘ you can be.  With Nutrition Studies behind me, the focus will not only be ‘eating for athletes’ but a deeper awareness of how chemicals in general will not only affect performance but also how you feel and what you look like…

jax-track-apr13The body in motion is beautiful and natural when we are ‘tuned in’. As a Certified Sports & Orthopedic Massage Therapist, and Essentrics Instructor, the main focus will be to understand how to re-balance overstretched, weakened and adaptively shortened muscles to reach an effective and efficient motion or ‘flow’ to raise your level of performance.

Through academic studies in Environmental Sciences and working in the healing world, I have developed a holistic and intuitive approach to people and life. It is a very visual, physical and fast-paced world that exists. Focus will be how to find balance, maintain it and to understand what created imbalance, foundational qualities that lead to personal empowerment, a healthier lifestyle and reaching your life goals.


Both Terry & Jacqui have current Heartsaver certifications in First Aid / CPR / AED from the American Heart Association.