October 29, 2012


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  • Terry,
    I’m a 64 year old woman, have never run.
    I walk a 20 min mile 3x per week. That’s it. I’ve just registered for the 1/2 marathon in Yellowstone June 10th.
    The website gave your name as a trainer with a blog.
    Can you help me with what I must do to get ready. I’m not in the best of shape, but want to do this run with my sister whom lives in Vegas she is 13 years my junior and runs. I live in Denver.

    • Hey Gk, and thanks for your note.
      Congrats on registering for Yellowstone, it’s a great race to choose!
      We have a beginner program that is over 16 weeks that starts on February 20 – you can choose either a free e-mail every 4 weeks that contains your program, or an app that contains the same program that costs just $8.
      If you gradually increase the length of your walks from 20 mins, increase by 2-3 mins each week, so that you’re up to close to 30 mins by the time the program starts.
      Being in Denver will be an advantage as you will be training at altitude!
      Trust that helps, and look forward to working with you.
      Take care, Terry.

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