Active at Altitude 2014 Training Camp Schedule

A running camp – for many folks the reality is very different from the all run, tough, feeling sick, huge challenges that are beyond me, type of image that a running camp conjures up. In fact a running camp can be the ideal place to kick start your running, learn new skills, challenge yourself, become[…]

womens camp sept 2012

3 unexpected benefits from a Women’s Running Camp

Women’s running is in the midst of a boom. Actually it’s been described as the second running boom, the first led by men, the current one now led by women. In 2011, 54% of runners taking part in a road race were women, an impressive increase from 25% in 1990. (Data from Running USA). It[…]

Inertia, by Melody Fairchild

Melody Fairchild, my good friend, running buddy, and member of the coaching team for Active at Altitude and Running Vacations,  crafted this beautiful piece a few weeks back on her thoughts about training at this time of year – Inertia. With her permission, I recreate the words on this post – enjoy! INERTIA   As[…]